Blue Pill For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Viagra is a prescription medication which has got a wide acknowledgment in the male community. Viagra due to being blue in color has got a tag of ‘Blue pill’ also. So what is it that this pill does? Is it a magic pill or a miracle drug for men facing erectile dysfunction?

Viagra is a strong drug whereas it has its own limitations! Blue pills can cause many side effects to you if its not use in accordance with proper consultation. Will this impotence pill work for you or not depends upon your body formations and reactions?

It might be possible that your friend bought the Viagra blue pill and it created wonder for him. You might be thinking that it will create the same miracle to you. But my dear HOLD ON! It might just not be same as you are thinking?

You might also be thinking that the Viagral has under gone many clinical trials and is proven to be effective in treatment of erectile dysfunction. But there are inputs from the same clinical trials about some side effects too. When you are ready to consume Viagra then be ready to also face some of the side effects.

Viagra blue pill common side effects are headache, upset stomach, facial flushing, and nausea. It might be thought that drinking desirable amount of water may solve the issue, YES you are right as water does help to keep these Viagra side effects away in many men.

Slight vision problem, indigestion and a swift flow from nose are also some of the side effect of blue pill. But all these side effects are minor and you can have Viagra for erectile dysfunction treatment.

For chest pain nitrate treatment are prescribed. If you are on nitrate medication then avoid using Viagra sildenafil citrate as it can cause a sharp drop in your blood pressure. Blue pill reduce the blood pressure in combination with nitrate medication to such an extent that it may prove fatal for you.

Viagra blue pill may also prove a big threat to you if you are facing or having:

  • Severe Heart Problem
  • Severe Liver Problem
  • Low blood pressure
  • Recent heart attack
  • Recent stroke

So please take precautions before having the pill for erectile dysfunction treatment. Always consult a registered doctor before taking Viagra pill for erection problem. A doctor is the best person to judge whether you really need erectile dysfunction treatment medication Viagra blue pill.