Improve Your Sex Life with Little Blue Pill

In addition to having a sound body and mind, one’s sexual health is also desired to be sound to make a person all round happy. Sound sexual health indicates good sexual capability. Also the body and mind should be free from any defect / inability in respect of any kind of sexual activity. This will make a couple’s sex life happy and energetic.

In fact, it is found that the more perfect is the person’s sex life, the more happy and sound the person is.

On the other hand, if we find a person, how much healthy apparently he is, is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, or other types of sexual dysfunction, which affects his sexual health and ability, the person is not happy and sound.

Generally this inability is called impotence. Impotence, obviously, will bring depression in him making life miserable to himself and to others.

So, if you are under the influence of impotence due to erectile dysfunction, which affects your sexual life and brings depression in you. Here are some solutions from Pfizer. They invented viagra – the miracle little blue pill which would give you relief from Erectile Dysfunction. The use of the drug will definitely improve your sex life.

The miracle drug is Slidenafil Citrate commonly known as Viagra. The Viagra pills will help you satisfy your lady partner as it will enable for and to keep your erection.

Following are some of important Viagra information:

Medical term for Viagra is Slidenafil Citrate.

It is an oral prescription drug to be taken with advice from an experienced Doctor.

It is available in the market in 25mg, 50 mg and 100mg. The dose will be determined by the doctor prescribing it.

It is to be taken once a day and one hour before sex and to be taken in empty stomach.

It will only be used for erectile dysfunction if other conditions of body permit.

There are some side effects of Viagra. Most common side effects are headache facial flushing, and upset stomach. Temporary visionary effects, e.g. blurred vision and sensitiveness to light are also reported.

The pill is not suitable for women.

There is much other information related to Viagra. However, our space is limited to discuss them all. Consult a doctor before going for Viagra to get the best effects of it.

In conclusion, we would advise you that if you were otherwise OK for sexual activity, to be determined by a doctor, you could go ahead with Viagra for sex which would relieve you from the agonies and depressions.

New vigor you earn through Viagra will build confidence upon you to lead improved and happy sex life.

If you are impotent due to erectile dysfunction but want to improve your sex life, Viagra will show you the way.